There we are, two sexy ass people waiting on a bus in the city.

Our story starts in March of 2013, when we met at a party and he knocked me off my feet.

We, like most of the other people in the world, are survivors of one thing or another. He’s my ADD kid. My constant puzzle and entertainment. I’m his PTSD wife, scared of everything in the world except for him.

After years of trying to write about books and reading, what I thought was my most intense love in the world, I have come to the conclusion that few things make me happier than sharing our unique relationship with the world.

We have, since day one, been working towards a better future for each other. We promised when we realized this would not be a fling, that this would be something that was going to be around for a while, that we wanted it to be different than every relationship we’ve ever had. We planned on using the mistakes we had made in the past to make our relationship different. We have. We slip up, because we are human, but we have learned so much.


Please feel free to praise or discuss :D

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