The Shrakk’s First Little Free Library Visit

CAM03229Last night when our room mate, Jonny, came in from walking Cosa ( the dog) he was carrying a National Geographic in his hand. He told me that he found a stand that had books, and said to take one and leave one. “It even had Christmas lights on it and the whole nine”, Jonny said.

I immediately knew what he had found! I’ve known about the Little Free Libraries for some time now, but until recently I lived in the middle of fucking nowhere and had never happened on one myself. Now, I live just 6 blocks away from one of these delightful libraries, and while talking to a friend today found out there is another quite near me!

Earlier this evening, Brakk and I decided to take Cosa for a walk to find this tiny library.

We live in East Liberty, a neighborhood in Pittsburgh. We just moved here from Lawrenceville (also a neighborhood in Pittsburgh) a few months ago and by the time we were finished getting settled in the weather was much too cold to undertake any large amount of exploring. I’m terribly familiar with the landscape from my house to my bus stop, but side streets have been largely untraveled by the Shrakk’s.

Of course I took pictures

We open

We open

We read

We read

We pose

We pose (but we are too distracted to move the poop bag out of frame)


poop fail


A surprising variety of books conveyed the impression that this little box held many worlds inside. I found Satan Says by Sharon Olds who I hadn’t heard of. Looking the book of poetry up for this post, however, has my interest piqued. There was a cook book that looked older but great for those eating on a budget. Children’s books, romance, thrillers. It’s all there.

Cosa began to communicate that her interest in our walk was slipping due to the fact that we weren’t technically walking any longer, so I didn’t get to really investigate as much as I would have liked to. I did pick up a book and didn’t leave one, so I’ll be returning tomorrow and will take a better look around. I grabbed a Booker Prize Finalist by Rohinton Mistry titled A Fine Balance. I’ve looked up Mistry and taken a cursory glance at the information the internet has to offer on the man, and his books look interesting and beautifully written.

I know incredibly little about India, where the book is set, and even less about India in the 1970’s. The novel is about four people who are dealing with a turbulent time in their country. The reader gets to journey with them as they end up living all together in one home and after an apparent period of distrust they are all going to be friends. Or so I have gathered from the description on the back.

Taking into account that the evening walk was a tad nippy, we had a wonderful time. Our neighborhood is near some beautiful houses that remind me of home and yet, I finally live where there is a Little Free Library just a few blocks away. It was a good day.

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8 Responses to The Shrakk’s First Little Free Library Visit

  1. sarij says:

    I loved A Fine Balance. It is a beautiful story but also quiet sad at times.
    Sadly, Carson City does not have a little free library. We did for a while, but I guess too many people took books without adding to the collection. If i had some mad building skills I would make one for the kids in my neighborhood.
    Your neighborhood looks lovely. I hope you find time to explore it more before the weather turns ugly.
    Happy reading!

  2. I’m not sure how much they cost, but you can actually buy them to set up for yourself. They look as if they are nicely made, but most likely also pricey.
    The weather is already ugly here in PA. It’s either slushy and warm or cold and cold. Very cold. 😦

  3. What an amazing idea! I’ve never heard of this or seen one in my neighborhood, but I’m thrilled to hear you found a couple by you. The “poop bag” from your photo shows that you’re a responsible pet owner, so yay for you! 🙂

    • Oh wow! I’m excited in a way that you’ve not heard of Little Free Libraries before, maybe I’ll take some time to write a blog post about them.

      We were actually taking our room mate’s dog for the walk with us. We had to be reminded to take that bag with us, but I am glad we did! I didn’t notice that I forgot to crop it out of the picture until I was almost done with the post. Brakk and I had such a laugh about it that we decided to include it in the post, instead of take it out.

      Thanks for stopping by and of course for leaving a comment!

  4. This is such a cool idea, I know around world book day our library usually puts a bunch of books at the train station, I shall have to remember to go and check it out this year!

  5. Love the pictures and I think these little libraries are wonderful!

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