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I struggled last week to not write about the cat I love. He’s not even my cat. However, since then I’ve decided to make him a regular on the blog and I figured I should take a moment to offer some background about Max (the cat).

When Brakk and I moved in with our new room mates after we got married, we left behind a cat we both loved very much. We have a habit of living with people who already have the maximum allotment of cats in the house which is honestly fine because we are sometimes children who can barely take care of ourselves.

Pogo & Brakk

Pogo & Brakk

Pogo is a very handsome kitty.

Pogo is a very handsome kitty. could one deny the cute?

Seriously…how could one deny the cute?


Dweezle doing what he was good for. Entertaining Brakk.

Pogo stole our hearts. I don’t know how it happened but at some point months and months after moving in with this cat and his family I realized he was fucking awesome. Aloof like a cat and determined to do what he put his mind to, Pogo spent much of his time indoors with the likes of us. Unfortunately he also enjoyed hours of prowling the city streets but somehow never came home with a mark on him. He had a buddy, Dweezle, a Siamese with mostly annoying qualities.

We spent a lot of time with both of these cats and eventually came to think of Pogo (alias Favorite Centaur Moe) as our own in a way. Sadly we had to move and we were unable to bring Pogo along with us. Dweezle relied on Pogo and his mentoring quite a bit so it is best that he is still with his partner in crime.

Our new home came with two amazing room mates and one sort of absentee room mate. There’s also La Cosa the amazing human-pitt mix, Pumpkin Brains who really seems to come straight from The Aristocats, and Max (the cat).

At first I was steadfast that I would not love any of the animals that reside here. I was missing Pogo in the worst way and had no interest in falling in love with another precious animal just to have to leave him behind. My husband, on the other hand, had no such qualms. Day by day Max became a bigger part of our routine, until all at once it seemed like he dominated our at home time. How could he not? He’s too adorable for words.

We love a good snuggle

We love a good snuggle

Max has a crooked face which, according to our room mate he got after having an abscess under his lip. He had to have some major surgery to have it removed and the surgeon apparently had to do some fancy work putting everything back together.



He loves to lick when he’s being pet, but I hate it so he doesn’t do it to me as much. Brakk however gets ALL the licks.

Max is a great companion for us. Brakk gets to play with the cat as much as he wants, but in turn I also get a nice calm snuggle-buddy. Max is happy to lay near me OR on me, whichever works best for me. Unlike many cats he lets me read without laying on the book, he comes when he’s called and even tried to rescue me once when Brakk scared me while I was taking a shower. We know, of course, that eventually we’ll move on and we won’t be able to bring him with us. In the meantime, we consider ourselves like foster parents to Max, who’s Mom is away for long chunks of time and doesn’t get a chance to visit often.

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