Reflections & Promises

Like so many others I have spent this day in relaxation and reflection. I’m watching Ken Burn’s Civil War for the seventy-billionth time, reminding me that nothing really changes, while laying in bed next to my new husband who constantly reminds me that things can change in the most wonderful ways.

My resolutions are simple. I will leave the negative of 2014 where it belongs, and carry the positive into this new year.

2014 taught me quite a few awesome facts. The best of which is that I am loved, thought of, and listened to. Due to the nature of the holiday season this has most recently been shown to me in the form of gifts. Books as gifts, and therefore, the greatest gifts.


Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller (978-0-7611-3985-0) and The Most Notorious Crimes in American History (1-933821-08-5)

My wonderful friend, Kez, gave me The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller, which proved immediately to be awesome. Within an hour I’d figured out why the ends of my blankets and throws were wavy, a week later I taught myself a stitch I had struggled with for months, and now I have plenty of gift ideas for friends and family. I highly recommend this book to those self taught crochet nerds who may be struggling with the little things in crochet. There are also some bad ass patterns in this book for hats, sweaters, and this shirt that is gorgeous. They seem intimidating to me, but remember that a few weeks ago I couldn’t crochet a straight edge.

For Christmas I received The Most Notorious Crimes in American History (a book put out by LIFE) from Brakk’s cousin. I haven’t spent a HUGE amount of time with his family, but we do connect on holidays and through social media. I was incredibly surprised to receive such a spot on gift. Something I would really enjoy and appreciate. As it turns out, he had remembered from the year before when he received the book as a gift that I said I would have loved it. I remember my jealousy now. It’s an interesting book and I can’t wait to sit down with it. Looks like a simple and straightforward read. Lots of pictures.

It feels like it’s been a million times that I’ve ‘started blogging again’, but here I am. My interest is renewed and my ambition to stick with it just as strong as every previous time. This time I waited a few days. Instead of getting a wild hair up my ass and then spending an entire evening collecting twitter followers and starting email accounts I thought about what I would want out of the experience. That would be one of the lessons of 2014 right there.

In years past I have participated in reading challenges hosted by individual bloggers. This year I am challenging myself. I have a reading challenge I nabbed from facebook, printed out at work and taped to my wall. I even checked one off a couple of days ago. Not something I would normally do, but my goal is not to start and finish the challenge, but to simply finish it. This challenge is a hodgepodge of requirements, a book over 100 years old to a Pulitzer Prize winner. It would require I read 54 books and so I’m going to attempt to read a total of 55 in 2015.

If I don’t, that’s not a big deal, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of life to live this year as well.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful New Year’s day and that you are prosperous and happy in 2015

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7 Responses to Reflections & Promises

  1. Great post! Here is to a new year!

  2. Julie S. says:

    This is a great post and I think your resolution is awesome! Here’s to all the positive things!

  3. Ren Reidy says:

    Great post! I too am a self taught crocheter and I struggled with a few things so far.

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